Taliban Name A Caretaker Cabinet That Pays Homage To The Old Guard

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Afghans shout slogans during an anti-Pakistan demonstration, near the Pakistan embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan, on Tuesday. Signs in Persian read, «Pakistan Pakistan Get out of Afghanistan.»

Wali Sabawoon/AP

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Wali Sabawoon/AP

Afghan women shout slogans and wave Afghan national flags during an anti-Pakistan demonstration, near the Pakistan embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan, on Tuesday.

Wali Sabawoon/AP

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Wali Sabawoon/AP

On Saturday, Taliban special forces troops in camouflage fired their weapons into the air to end a protest march in the capital by Afghan women demanding equal rights from the new rulers.

The Taliban again moved quickly and harshly to end Tuesday’s protest when it arrived near the presidential palace. They fired their weapons into the air and arrested several journalists covering the demonstration. In one case, Taliban waving Kalashnikov rifles took a microphone from a journalist and began beating him with it, breaking the microphone. The journalist was later handcuffed and detained for several hours.

«This is the third time I have been beaten by the Taliban covering protests,» he told The Associated Press on condition he not be identified because he was afraid of retaliation. «I won’t go again to cover a demonstration. It’s too difficult for me.»

A journalist from Afghanistan’s popular TOLO News was detained for three hours by the Taliban before being freed along with his equipment and the video of the demonstration still intact.

There was no immediate comment from the Taliban.

Afghans are still trying to leave the country

Meanwhile, in the northern city of Mazar-e-Sharif, four aircraft chartered to evacuate about 2,000 Afghans fleeing Taliban rule were still at the airport.

Mawlawi Abdullah Mansour, the Taliban official in charge of the city’s airport, said any passenger, Afghan or foreigner, with a passport and valid visa would be allowed to leave. Most of the passengers are believed to be Afghans without proper travel documents.

Planes Chartered To Evacuate Americans And Others From Afghanistan Remain Grounded

None of the passengers had arrived at the airport. Instead, organizers apparently told evacuees to travel to Mazar-e-Sharif and find accommodation until they were called to come to the airport.

The Taliban say they are trying to find out who among the estimated 2,000 have valid travel documents.

U.S. says it will hold the Taliban to their pledge to allow people to leave

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said in Qatar on Tuesday the Taliban have given assurances of safe passage for all seeking to leave Afghanistan with proper travel documents.

He said the United States would hold the Taliban to that pledge. «It’s my understanding that the Taliban has not denied exit to anyone holding a valid document, but they have said those without valid documents, at this point, can’t leave,» he said.

«Because all of these people are grouped together, that’s meant that flights have not been allowed to go,» he added.

Charter Flights Are Trying To Leave Afghanistan, Blinken In Qatar For Crisis Talks

Charter Flights Are Trying To Leave Afghanistan, Blinken In Qatar For Crisis Talks




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The State Department is also working with the Taliban to facilitate additional charter flights from Kabul for people seeking to leave Afghanistan after the American military and diplomatic departure, Blinken told a joint news conference with Qatar’s top diplomatic and defense officials.

«In recent hours» the U.S. has been in contact with Taliban officials to work out arrangements for additional charter flights from the Afghan capital, he said.

Blinken and U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin were in Qatar to thank the Gulf state for its help with the transit of tens of thousands of people evacuated from Afghanistan after the Taliban took control of Kabul on Aug. 15.

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